New version! slackrepo-0.2.0, May 2015

screenshot of mate being built This new version has many new features, improvements and of course bug fixes. See the News page for details.

You can download a prebuilt package here.

What is it?

Slackrepo is a highly automated tool for Slackware users to manage their own package repositories. It builds packages from a repository of SlackBuilds (for example, a clone of, and then outputs the packages to a package repository.

Some notable features are:

For best results, slackrepo is intended to be run on a "clean" standard Slackware environment (like a "build box" or a virtual machine), with a full installation of Slackware and no additional packages (or very few). You can then use the package repository to install the packages on other hosts (e.g. with slackpkg+). However, it can also be used as a simple command-line package builder and installer.

Slackrepo is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, or Slackware Linux, Inc. The author thanks the awesome people behind those projects for their continuing generosity to the community.

For avoidance of doubt, slackrepo is unrelated to the group communication software named Slack.