Repository structure

Repository paths

Multiple repositories are supported. The Repository ID, e.g. SBo, selects a configuration file, e.g. /etc/slackrepo/slackrepo_SBo.conf, and the configuration file sets the paths of the SlackBuild repository, the source repository, the package repository, the hintfile and queuefile directories, and the log directory. The Repository ID can be specified by the control argument --repo=ID, or by the REPO environment variable, or by setting REPO=ID in the file ~/.slackreporc. By default, the default default is SBo.

Example showing repository trees for Repository ID SBo:

    [REPO=SBo] /etc/slackrepo/slackrepo_SBo.conf
    [SBREPO]    |--/var/lib/slackrepo/SBo/slackbuilds/category/prgnam/prgnam.SlackBuild
    [SRCREPO]   |--/var/lib/slackrepo/SBo/source/category/prgnam/prgnam-1.0.4.tar.gz
    [PKGREPO]   |--/var/lib/slackrepo/SBo/packages/14.1/i486/category/prgnam/prgnam-1.0.4-i486-1_SBo.tgz
    [PKGBACKUP] |--/var/lib/slackrepo/SBo/backups/14.1/i486/category/prgnam/prgnam-1.0.3-i486-1_SBo.tgz
    [DATABASE]  |--/var/lib/slackrepo/SBo/database_SBo.sqlite3
    [HINTDIR]   |--/etc/slackrepo/SBo/hintfiles/[category/prgnam/]prgnam.hint
    [LOGDIR]    |--/var/log/slackrepo/SBo/category/prgnam/build.log

Under each of SBREPO, SRCREPO, PKGREPO, PKGBACKUP and LOGDIR is a subdirectory structure for each SBo category and item. In HINTDIR, the subdirectory structure is optional: this allows you to use your existing queuefile directory, if you have one.

Package repository files

The following files are created by and slackrepo in the package repository.

In the package repository's root directory:

For each package: